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All You Need To Know About Mixing C and D Curl Lashes

January 15, 2023 4 min read

All You Need To Know About Mixing C and D Curl Lashes

  There are so many variables to consider when it comes to achieving the perfect lash look that it can be overwhelming. One of them involves mixing C and D curl lashes; do you use one or both? Do they even cooperate? Let us set your mind at ease before you give up in frustration! Here's everything you need to know about blending different curl kinds to achieve a great final look.


Types of Curls



  Many people, especially new clients, may assume that there is just one type of eyelash extension. In fact, there are several types of lash extensions, ranging from the lifting B curl to the natural-looking J curl, as well as the C, D, and even L+ curl lashes.


  The diameters, curls, and effects of each type of lash extension vary. With these incredible lashes, you can create looks that span from extremely dramatic to barely noticeable.


  You should choose the best type of lash extensions and curls for your clients based on the style they want and the type of natural lashes they have. Natural lash types can make a major difference; they might rule out certain types of lash curls or need specific curl types. 


  C and D curl lashes are the most often utilized eyelash extensions. If you're wondering whether these two types of curls can be used together, the answer is YES. However, before you mix them, you need to understand what they are and how they operate, as well as some Dos and Don'ts of mixing C and D curl lashes.


The Details of C and D Curls


  Before mixing C and D curl lashes, you should understand the specifics of each curl. Only then will you be able to confidently answer your clients' questions about combining these two types of curls.


C Curls 

  C curls can give your eyes a pop without becoming overly dramatic. When applied to natural lashes, C curls can open up your eyes significantly, creating a naturally lifted look similar to that of an eyelash curler.

  Many people perceive C curls as the best for eyelashes due to their natural curl effect, and it is the most preferred lash extension variety for both clients and lash artists.


D Curls 

  D curls provide a fuller look and a more pronounced lift. Its curl can almost reach your brows, giving you a striking appearance. If your clients want to seem like a doll, D curls are the best option.

  D curls are so visible that they are ideal for creating a set that will capture and hold the attention of everyone who sees them.


Middle Ground: CC Curls

  Mixing C and D curl lashes well can definitely provide distinctive and stylish looks, but there is a lesser-known middle ground between C and D curls known as CC curl lashes.

  If your clients desire rather dramatic lashes but don't want to make the leap to D curl lashes, the CC curl is the perfect option for them.



Mixing C, CC and D curls



  If you want to mix C and D curl lashes for a customer, you should think about integrating CC lashes as well.


CC & D Curls

  Clients with upwardly growing lashes, or curled lashes, are ideal candidates for the CC/D curl combination. Combining these two curls can best replicate the client's natural lashes and give them a more dramatic effect.


C & CC & D Curls

  If your client's lashes grow downward in the outer corners, use C and/or CC through the major part of the lashes, then switch to a D curl to create a lifting look in the outside corners. This technique is a unique way to mix distinct curls, giving lashes fullness, lift, volume, and flare. Your clients' lashes will be lifted like never before.


C & CC Curls

  If your client's lashes are very curled and raised in both the inner and outer corners, but sit a touch straighter through the central portion, a combination of C and CC curls will be ideal.

  Using CC curls in the middle and C curls on the outer and inner corners will give them a lifting effect in the middle without irritating brow-tickling and over-lift in the corners.


When Certain Lash Curls Don’t Work



  Certain lashes may not be compatible with a client's natural lashes. D curl lashes, for example, do not function well with straight lashes because the tension of the curl might cause eyelid irritation, whereas C curl lashes perform best with naturally curved lashes.


  If your clients want a certain sort of curl but it won't work with their natural lashes, tell them and figure out the best approach to get their desired look. As an example, you may combine C and D curls or even CC curls. 


  Working creatively with different sorts of lash curls will be a rewarding experience. However, while blending curls, avoid crisscrossing different lash curls and lengths, since this will make your clients' lashes look sloppy and untidy.




  Lash extensions are a procedure that takes practice and technique to master. There are numerous techniques and combinations to produce a perfect set for different customers, and practice makes perfect! 


  As a lash artist, you should always consult with your clients to learn about their wants and desires. You might recommend multiple techniques to your clients to get their desired look and explain the differences between each curl. 


  I hope you found this blog post useful; please stay tuned for more!

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