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Unraveling the Russian Volume Lash Extensions: Your Go-To Guide

April 16, 2023 4 min read

Unraveling the Russian Volume Lash Extensions: Your Go-To Guide

So, what the heck are Russian volume lash extensions, you ask?
Well, as the moniker implies, this fabulous lashing method hails straight from the land of Matryoshka dolls and vodka.

  Those crafty Russian lash maestros have long been renowned for their painstakingly intricate handiwork. While the rest of us were just getting acquainted with the oh-so-basic Classic lash technique, these trailblazers were busy concocting their own potion of eyelash magic – handcrafted fans of 2, 3, 4, or 5 delicate mink lashes, all lovingly applied to the base of each of your God-given natural lashes.

  And what do you get from this lash innovation? A bonanza of volume, thickness, and a dramatically dark lash line that'll have you batting your eyes like a Hollywood starlet.

  Now, let's talk shop. Russian Volume lashes are spun from the same synthetic fibers (PBT) as your classic mink friends. But, here's the kicker: the technique demands super-thin extensions, like 0.03-0.07mm, so that a whole gaggle of lash strands can be applied to each natural lash.

  Thanks to their lightweight nature and the fanning effect that wraps around your natural lashes, Russian Volume lash extensions boast a retention time that'll put those Classic lash extensions to shame.

  Expect your Russian Volume lashes to last a glorious 4-6 weeks, with infills every 2-3 weeks to keep your peepers looking as plush and irresistible as a velveteen cushion.

So, who's the perfect candidate for Russian Volume lashes?



  Those with ultra-fine or brittle lashes seeking a voluminous boost will be thanking their lucky stars for this game-changing technique.

  But, hold the phone – because the Russian Volume look is so gosh-darn stunning and glamorous, it's now become the go-to choice for anyone and everyone, even those blessed with the thickest, lushest natural lashes around.

What sets Russian Volume apart from Classic Lashes?

  Classic lashes, my dear friend, are all about one-on-one action: a single eyelash extension cozying up to an individual natural lash.

  Enter Russian Volume, stage left! Here, the lash virtuoso goes above and beyond, applying multiple extensions to each natural lash, fanning them out like a peacock's tail to create the mesmerizing illusion of lash multiplication.

  The thickness of the lash extensions themselves plays a starring role in determining how many lashes can join the fan club. The golden rule: the thinner and lighter the lash extension, the more it can party in a single fan.


Essentials for Rocking Russian Volume Lash


Mink lashes with a 0.03-0.10 thickness

  These synthetic lashes are the featherweights of the lash world – so fine and lightweight that they make our natural lashes feel like sumo wrestlers. This is precisely why you can pile several synthetic lashes onto one natural lash without weighing it down.

Now, let's talk about Russian volume fan lingo: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D. This nifty shorthand tells you how many lash extensions are busting a move in a fan on your real lash.

So, 2D means two synthetic lashes in the fan, 3D means three, 4D means four... you get the drift. The higher the D-factor, the more voluminous your lash set will appear. And for those craving a dramatic flair, anything above a 6D enters the realm of Mega Volume.

To create 2D-6D Russian Volume magic, you'll need extensions ranging from 0.05 to 0.10 in thickness, depending on the number of lashes you plan to attach to your fabulous fan.


Suggested Eyelash Extension Thickness by Technique (in mm)

Classic lashes: 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18

Volume lashes: 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.10

Mega Volume lashes: 0.03 and 0.04

No-no for volume lashes: 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30

Russian Volume lashes are crafted from round-base synthetic mink lashes, making them a breeze to fan out compared to other classic lash varieties like Flat lashes.


Tweezers Tailored for Volume Lashes



  Volume lash extension tweezers frequently sport a curvaceous tip that tapers to a point. This nifty curve lets lash artists fan out, pick up, and grip multiple extensions with ease.

  Our top pick? L tweezers for the Russian volume technique, which feature a 120-90 degree angle at the tip, giving them that signature "L" look. These L-shaped lash extension tweezers are a godsend when handcrafting volume fans and attaching them effortlessly.

  Lyon Lash L Shape Volume Tweezers have straight and aligned tips that ensure a perfect grip with less tension and more precision. Not only is this beauty tool designed for comfort and durability, but it is also very lightweight as well as non-slip.



Glass Lash Tile: A Must-Have for Volume Lash Technique



  We recommend using our Glass Lash Tile Holder when creating your stunning lash set. This little gem is a game-changer. Prep your premade fans on the work pad before using them.

  This glass lash holder is a tidy and efficient way to keep your workstation in tip-top shape. Easily attach and detach lash strips on the work pad without leaving pesky paper residue from the lash strip.

  With a large glass surface, it is easy for fanning and cleaning. You can have all your eyelash extensions and professional eyelash extension glue in one place. This lash tile is heavier so you no longer experience your lash holder lifting or sliding around when you are picking up lashes.


  In a nutshell, Russian Volume lash extensions are the ultimate game-changer for those seeking a fuller, more glamorous look. With a unique technique that fans out multiple synthetic mink lashes on each natural lash, this method delivers show-stopping volume and thickness.

Remember to use the right thickness, tweezers, and glue for the best results, and keep your workstation organized with a silicone work pad. So, whether you have naturally fine lashes or you simply crave an eye-catching upgrade, Russian Volume lashes are your ticket to a dazzling, red-carpet-worthy gaze.

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