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Pro Grade Gel Remover 15ml

Lyon Lash Pro Grade Gel Remover for Eyelash Extension

Product Details:

Volume: 15 ml | 0.51 Fl. Oz.

Adhesive dissolution time: less than 60 seconds

Color: Clear

Suitable for: All people including sensitive ones.


Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
L7 Beauty By Luz

Fast and easy removal

Here’s the real deal review y’all

Okay so I bought this because I’m cheap and didn’t want to spend 40-50$ on getting them removed by the lash tech. When it arrived i came back here to read the reviews and got so scared. It’s a gel so if you open your eyes it’ll burn yea. I put like two squirts on a brush and painted them on my eyelid holding it down w my other hand so my eye wouldn’t open at all. Waited a minute, then used a lash brush to brush them out. They came out immediately likeeee immediately immediately. I had more lashes on my right side so it took a tad bit longer but all together no longer than 15 mins. Get it

jalyssa marshall
Best of the best!

Works efficiently and effectively! Gets the the job with out waiting to much time on removing lashes. Great purchase!

Fanatic Shopper

works great! just DONT get it in your eyes lmao it burns soooo bad. I did bad on my left eye bc i didn’t know what i was doing, so that took like 30min, but my right eye took like 1min. So if you’re a newbie and have no materials like me lol um just tape ur eyelids up to avoid getting the product in ur eyes (MUST DO THIS PART^^^) then apply the product on the base of the lashes on TOP ONLY, a thick layer if you want bc it was scary to put underneath my lashes. Next, wait like 3-5min and then start gently pulling off the lash extensions. Lastly wash ur lashes with baby shampoo or whatever and then ur done

Jia Rowland

I was nervous about using this product based on its warning label and all the reviews, i have used it on myself 5 times now, i use a small makeup brush to apply onto each lash extension and wait for about a minute and they all completely melt off along with any excess glue. I have had no burning or issues with this product. It is amazing and a godsend.