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Beginner’s Guide to Setting the Right Price for a Lash Extension Business

May 30, 2021 4 min read

Beginner’s Guide to Setting the Right Price for a Lash Extension Business


Starting out in the lash industry, there might be a few things you are a little bit confused about at the moment, and on top of that list – how to set the perfect price for your services.

The price that says there is no compromise here.The price that says we are about to make you beautiful, and you will be happy to pay us.


Let’s start with the parameters you should consider in setting your price.




Before you became a professional lash artist, you had to train yourself. You enrolled yourself in courses, went through trainings.

That involved money, time, and energy. In setting your price, you have to account for the cost it took to turn you into the certified lash artist you are now.




You don’t get to where you want to go with sub-par materials. Quality demands a price. You have to make sure that the materials that you use are the best in the market, and made from top-notch ingredients.

You also consider the utilities, perhaps even rent, too. In aggregate, all of this provide for the degree of comfort and quality of service you can provide for your client.




Clients will nitpick the most minor things, sometimes even the most unrelated things. You have to prepare and cover everything. Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

From among a ton of professional lash artists, what would make you choose you? Provide that to your clients. The process of no-compromise beauty is a recipe of skill and attention to your client’s wants and needs.


Knowing these three things will help you set up a price that will make you and your customers happy. Setting the correct price tells your client of the value of your service, how confident and good you are at what you do.


Knowing these parameters, here are a few things to keep in mind.




It’s easy to overprice when you’re the one in control, right? While getting more profit is very tempting, like everybody else, you have to start small and reasonable.

Remember that you’re new in the field. You have to ease your way into the industry, start correctly, earn yourself some credibility. Gather some loyal clients one person at a time.


When you’re a beginner you can easily get overwhelmed that you end up setting unrealistic prices for your services. Here’s why you shouldn’t: while it’s a given that you’ve trained and you’re a professional at what you do, sometimes certain skill levels require that you’ve actually dealt with clients multiple times.

The time you’ve spent in the industry will definitely say a lot about how much your services are worth. The word of mouth needs to get going, and you’ll be surprised that as you start your business, you might be required to offer many discounts or perhaps even throw in some free services over a dozen times.

But, that’s what it takes. You bet every successful lash artist in the industry before you has done the very same.


You have to make sure that your clients keep coming back. If you price too much, and they don’t, that would really be disappointing. It won’t look good for a start-up business, too.

The first step to building a good relationship with your client is setting up a good price which she will happily pay. A beginner lash professional sometimes has to apply over a dozen full lashes before she can charge full rates.

You have to remember though that it’s all about setting the correct expectations, and meeting these expectations one client after another.




Testing the waters involves looking around, and watching who are taking a dip with you, right?

Research about the other lash artists in your area, and find out how much they price for the same services that you offer.

Having a point of comparison will really help you set up a more realistic price for your services as a beginner. Normally, you’ll have to price 30-40% lower than the established lash artists in your area.

You have to know that that’s okay. Building a loyal clientele involves having them grow with you, too.


More importantly, lower prices tend to attract curious passers by who have never thought lash extensions were necessary, but then they get to try them because of your good price, and end up having them forever.

As a rule, beginner lash artists have to price a bit higher than half of what the average costs of the services are in the market. As your confidence and skills build so does the price you can ask for, and the worth of your services.




Get the timing down. Don’t just abruptly raise your prices. Notify your clients of your plan to increase the price of your services ahead of time.

Chances are, if they’ve been coming back, they know the value of your service. Your client has known you as a start-up to the confident professional lash artist now, and for sure would not mind paying a little extra for your services.


You’ve done the hard work. You’ve planted your feet, and you definitely need to be rewarded for the patience you’ve displayed in starting your business, and easing your way into the industry by building your skill set and gathering as much as experience as you have.


You know the value of your work, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for more because the longer you are in the industry, like fine wine, your value increases, too.

There’s no perfect time in the year to raise your prices, it could be anytime at all. Some people do it when the population is on a spending spree, perhaps when there is an incoming holiday to prepare for or prom season!

No matter when, make sure that when you finally decide to raise prices, you include the other services you offer, too.

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