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How retailing the right lash products keep the clients coming back

May 03, 2021 3 min read

How retailing the right lash products keep the clients coming back

There is a lot of traffic in the beauty business, and it is too easy to get a little lost. That is why we want that we be there for each other as partners in providing the best service with only premium products to every client who deserves it.

Lash extensions only hold when the products used make sure they would. It is a three-step process of prep, glue, and care! Every step is as equally important as the other.

The lashes need to be prepared properly, the process needs skill and experience, and the aftercare will require a little chat with clients about what products they should keep close.

Lyon Lash wants to help professional lash artists empower their clients through products that are effective, made of quality ingredients, and easy to use. Designed to attract the next client, these products will be a staple in your salon.

All it takes is a pretty cornet to put on display the correct products to recommend. This small step will make sure that you have everything your client might possibly need.

Your client will surely feel more attended when you are able to suggest and sample on some products for them. The extra income on top of that is also not that bad.

Clients want to talk to their lash artists. Allow Lyon Lash to spark up the conversation with a few items on our list that should be on your list – more importantly, on your shelves, too! – as soon as possible:

1. Magic Shield – Coating Sealant (Black/Clear)

Why do you need this? I am glad you asked. Oil and dirt are just a few things we try to avoid, but what happens if these icky things get to the lashes?
Nothing good, and that is why this Magic Shield will form a coating barrier on the eyelash extensions making sure they stay in place for a longer period. It does not only prevent oil and dirt, but the serum helps make the natural lashes grow longer and stronger.
A little swipe, but a lot of care happens. This Magic Shield can be used 48 hours after the procedure, and then as much as necessary after that. This is one way to get thicker, fuller, and healthier lashes with just a swoosh.


2. Hydro Cleanse Lash Guard (Make Up Remover Pad)

Only good things on the eyes, please! We understand the message very clearly, and we have created a lint, oil, paraben, and fragrance-free silicone pad that can remove make up without any pain and very effectively!

We like it extra some days, and we deserve not to worry about damaging our eyelash extensions when we wear more make up. Developing this product, we only had you in mind. This waterproof cleansing pad is the perfect way to end a perfect night with the lashes still intact.


3. Lash Shampoo

Keep the eyelashes clean, fresh, and healthy with a shampoo that has been guaranteed safe by our doctors. This product is not only made of natural ingredients, but it is also gentle to the skin.

It effectively removes dirt and make up without weakening the lash extensions. It is a perfect step that can be inserted in anybody’s night routine to make sure that the lashes are free from impurities. Cleaning the eyelashes is one the best steps for retention. We swear by it!



In Lyon Lash, we do not believe in compromises. We believe in benefits! Beauty is a benefit that can only be achieved with quality products – and we are here for that! We guarantee that our lash products have been tested and positively reviewed by over a hundred professional artists worldwide.

Beauty is our business, and we take it seriously. We want it to be available to everybody who needs it, and we can help each other make that happen. Your service, our products.

While we encourage shopping in bulk, we are fine with small quantity purchases, too. In our pursuit of no-compromise beauty, we offer the best products at a cost you can afford.

💛 Can we count on you to save a pretty corner for Lyon Lash?

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