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Coating Sealant — Whys and Hows?

December 28, 2022 4 min read

Coating Sealant — Whys and Hows?

  Lash extensions are a terrific method to add natural-looking length and fullness to your eyelashes, but did you know they can last even longer with proper care? When it comes to taking care of your lash extensions, coating sealant is a crucial element of the aftercare process. This solution shields lashes against moisture, dust, grime, and other environmental conditions while maintaining their deep glossy luster. 


  In this blog post, we'll discuss what coating sealant is and why it's so important for keeping your lashes stunning - and staying on for as long as possible!


 What is Coating Sealant

  A lash coating sealant (also known as an eyelash extension sealer) is a substance that can prevent your lashes from falling out. It has the ability to seal the lash line and preserve moisture and natural oils in your lashes. Like a top-coat nail paint, it can keep lashes from getting brittle and breaking off. 


  The main function of lash sealant is to build a barrier to protect against the factors that tear down the lash glue, hence extending the life of your lash extensions. It improves retention and keeps the extensions from twisting.


  Coating sealant is also an excellent method for preventing mascara from smearing or running. Lash sealer can be used in conjunction with or instead of lash adhesive. Lash sealant is a water-soluble, oil-free, and functional aftercare product that can improve the lifespan of your lash extensions.



Why You Should Use a Coating Sealant

 The purpose of coating sealant products is to offer a protective coating on your lashes while not destroying all of your hard work in applying those lashes. Because anything containing oil will weaken the adhesive connection, lash sealant can form a protective coating and is water-soluble, making it absolutely safe to use on lash extensions and protecting them perfectly.



More Prolonged and Healthy Lashes

  Oils, dirt, dust, and cosmetic residue on lashes will damage the adhesive bond and potentially cause lash loss, reducing the longevity of your lash extensions and affecting hair health. Lash sealant can form a coating on your lashes to keep all of these contaminants away, thereby strengthening the adhesive bond and prolonging the life of your lashes. 


  Lash sealant locks in essential oils and moisture to keep your lashing strong and healthy. It also aids in the prevention of lash breakage and loss. The sealant can also help your lashes appear longer and fuller by holding the curl and making them appear more voluminous.


  Because of the nature of its material, eyelash sealant will add a slight shine to the appearance of lash extensions. Furthermore, because coating sealers are thinner than mascara, applying a little coat over your lashes helps seal and protect them from dust and chlorine. 


  Furthermore, lash sealant functions as a sunblock for your lashes. UV rays from the sun can cause lashes to become brittle and fragile, causing them to break or fall off. Lash sealant helps shield your lashes from UV radiation and other damaging factors. 



  Our Lyon Lash Protective Covering Sealant is one of the best lash sealants available, creating a protective coating to prevent any oil, dirt, water, sweat, and moisture away from your lashes without compromising the glue connection. Our innovative formula sealant also functions as a serum, nourishing your natural lashes and making them thicker, fuller, and healthier.


How to Apply Lash Sealant?

  After lash extension procedures, lash sealant should be applied. This product helps to maintain the extensions in place and gives them a more defined appearance. To achieve the optimum effects, the sealant must be applied correctly. 


  Applying lash sealant is identical to applying mascara. Apply it evenly to your lashes, but avoid contacting your lash line because it is difficult to clean when applied to the lash line.


Step-by-step Guide:

1. Before you begin, make sure your hands are clean. 

2. Apply a thin layer of sealant to each lash equally, leaving 2-3mm space from the lash root to avoid getting it on the lash line, beginning at the base and working your way to the tips. 

3. Thoroughly brush them with a dry lash wand. 

4. Allow the sealant to fully dry before adding makeup. 

5. For optimal results, reapply the sealant every 2-3 days.


  Clients should wait at least 48 hours after having their lash extensions applied to allow the adhesive to completely dry or cure. Even after 24-36 hours, eyelash extension adhesive can still be in the curing process. To avoid blooming, we recommend using the lash sealant 2-3 days after the lash extension treatment. 


  Lash sealant can be used on both classic and volume lash extensions. Apply a light coat to the lashes and brush them carefully (particularly for volume fans) with a dry mascara brush to spread the sealer evenly and prevent the extensions from sticking together.

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