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Glue Trays — Why and How To Use It

December 19, 2022 4 min read

Glue Trays — Why and How To Use It

  Shuffling through an array of lash tools can be overwhelming, especially if you're just getting started. But don't worry! Everything becomes much easier after you understand the fundamentals, such as the why and how of glue trays. 


  They are one of those "must-haves" for a professional lash artist who wants to maintain their workspace clean and organized. Plus, it looks fantastic to your clients, letting them know that they can trust you with eyelash extensions. Continue reading to find out why glue trays are crucial in every beauty setup!


Why You Should Use Glue Trays


  Glue trays may appear to be an insignificant tool, but they are actually anything but that! These small plastic pieces are essential in lashing and can serve as your lash helpers.


Perfect Fan Shapes

  Glue trays come in handy for securing the bases of your lash fans to make the perfect arrangement. Lyon Lash glue tray has 12 perfectly sized wells for single drips of adhesive for applying eyelash extensions. 


The concave shape of the dips allows you to alter the fan's bases and push the fan out further to create a perfect lash fan by manipulating the edge of the walls. This is a brilliant tool that will help you make lash fans lot faster.



Precise Amounts

  Each glue tray features 12 wells that are exactly proportioned for single drops of glue. You can easily get the right amount and avoid squeezing too much or too little adhesive at a time. It can help you acquire the perfect amount of glue and save time by maximizing the efficiency of your adhesive application. There will be no more waste of your favorite adhesive with these glue trays!



Keep Glue Fumes Away

  Another advantage of using a glue tray is that it helps to keep glue fumes away from you and your client. Stick the glue tray to your lash tile with a sticky glue dot to keep it in place. When compared to lash rings, it aids in keeping a relatively remote distance from the adhesive.  


You can better safeguard your and your clients' health by avoiding excessive fume inhalation. It'll  be the perfect duo in preventing excessive fume inhalation when used with our Anti Allergy Gel, which can capture and limit fumes from opened glue drops.


  How to Use Glue Trays Correctly

  Each small well on the tray can hold one drop of lash adhesive. To get the proper amount of glue, simply dispense a drop of adhesive on the well. Dip the fan bases into the glue dot and adjust the bases using the edges of the walls. 


  During the treatment, avoid getting any moisture on your glue tray as this can cause your glue to polymerize. It's also a good idea to place your glue tray on a lash tile to keep it at a safe distance from you to avoid inhaling too many fumes.


How to Clean It

  Our glue trays are completely reusable and environmentally friendly, as they can be cleaned with acetone and utilized multiple times. Here are some pointers for cleaning the glue tray properly and thoroughly.


 Few Drops of Water

  Although water should be avoided during the treatment, it is extremely important for cleaning the glue tray and preventing additional fumes from accumulating after the glue has been used. 


  Cyanoacrylate is a crucial element in all adhesives; it comes into touch with any amount of water, including air moisture. So avoid getting the adhesive on your clients' skin, eyes, or mouth, not only because it may cause irritation and discomfort, but also because these areas contain moisture. 


  Water will quickly initiate a polymerization reaction with cyanoacrylate molecules, polymerizing adhesives and causing them to become semi-solid, similar to a hard gummy. This is the "white goo" that forms on new glue when it comes into touch with water.


  When you're finished with a glue dot, add a few drops of water to fully cover the adhesive to polymerize it. After 30 minutes of polymerization, you should be able to simply peel and pop it off. If you wait too long for it to set, the adhesive will completely solidify and become difficult to pull off. 


  Lift and peel the polymer from the wells with the end of a mascara wand or other stick-like device. After peeling it off, use a cotton pad soaked in Acetone to clear off any residue on the tray. Then, wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water before allowing it to dry completely.


  This cleaning approach can help you use as little acetone as possible. Never pour acetone down the drain or flush it down the toilet because it might melt the plastic pipes and damage the water system.  


  Also, since acetone is extremely flammable, it should never be stored near lighting candles or power outlets. Therefore, you should use as little acetone as possible.  

  To recap, glue trays are small plastic bits that you may disregard as trivial, yet they are an incredible and essential tool for a professional lash artist to produce a perfect fan.


  The tray's little wells allow you to get the right amount of adhesive without wasting too much. To save time, you can quickly align the fan's base with the edges of the walls. Sticking the tray to your lash tile will also keep your clients from inhaling too many fumes. 


  Furthermore, using glue trays to retain your adhesive allows you to simply rinse off the dots with just a few drops of water. These trays are completely washable, reusable, and eco-friendly, so they will last you a long time. Overall, glue trays are a critical lash tool for both beginners and experts!

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