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Lash Extension Glue — How To Choose?

March 09, 2023 6 min read

Lash Extension Glue  —  How To Choose?

  Choosing the perfect lash extension glue can be very daunting – after all, there are so many options out there! If you're an artist looking for an adhesive that works well and will give your clients long-lasting results without irritating their eyes, then this blog post is definitely for you. 


  Get ready to elevate your lash extension game with ease! Our latest blog post covers everything you need to know about choosing the perfect glue that's best suited to your needs. We'll provide helpful tips on what ingredients to avoid, review some of our favorite varieties available today, and much more!



1.  Your Room Humidity & Temperature


  The performance of your lash adhesive depends greatly on the humidity in your lashing environment. For best results, aim for a humidity level between 45-60%, as most lash glue varieties work well within this range.


  Lash extension glue relies heavily on cyanoacrylate, an ingredient that ensures fast drying and long-lasting hold of lash extensions for several weeks. When exposed to moisture, cyanoacrylate starts to cure and humidity plays a crucial role as an activator for the adhesive's adhesion.


  To put it simply, humidity affects both the drying speed and the strength of lash adhesive during the application process, ultimately impacting the retention of lash extensions.



High Humidity


  If the humidity level in your room is above the recommended range of 45-60%, the cyanoacrylate in your lash adhesive may be over-activated by the excess moisture, leading to faster curing and drying of the adhesive.


  When the humidity in your lashing environment is high, your lash extension glue will dry much faster, up to 1-2 times its usual drying speed. This can result in your glue drop drying out more quickly and may lead to poor placement, bad attachment, and early lash fallout. It's essential to maintain the ideal humidity range of 45-60% to ensure optimal results and avoid these issues.


Consider using a glue with a slower drying speed if the humidity in your lashing environment is high. For instance, a glue with a 3-4 second drying time will cure in less than 3 seconds when the humidity level is above 60%.



Low Humidity


  In contrast, when the humidity level in your lash room is lower than the ideal range (below 45%), the cyanoacrylate in your adhesive may not have enough moisture to cure and will dry more slowly as a result.


  When the humidity in your lashing room is too low, it can lead to a number of frustrating issues such as lash stickies, poor placement, and increased exposure to cyanoacrylate. Extended exposure to cyanoacrylate can even result in an allergic reaction to lash glue, which is something you certainly don't want for your clients.


  To prevent frustrating issues such as lash stickies, poor placement, and higher exposure to cyanoacrylate, it's important to use a faster-drying glue in low humidity environments.


  Consider trying Lyon Lash SPEEDMAX Eyelash Extension Glue, which dries in just 0.5-1 second, allowing for a swift application without putting your clients at risk of an allergic reaction.





  Compared to humidity, temperature has a lesser effect on the performance of lash adhesive, unless you're in extremely hot or cold climates that can impact the viscosity of the glue. As lash adhesive is a liquid, temperature can affect the glue's viscosity.


  Temperature affects the viscosity of lash glue, with low temperatures making the glue thicker and slower to dry, and high temperatures causing the glue to become thinner and faster to dry.


  The optimal temperature range for your lash room is 22-26 (70-80). While temperature has a lesser impact on your glue's performance than humidity, it's still advisable to maintain the ideal temperature to ensure optimal performance and client comfort.


  Achieving the perfect humidity and temperature in your lash room can be a challenge, but with advanced technology, you can rely on Lyon Lash SUPER STAY eyelash extension glue to perform well in a wide range of humidity levels. It is designed to work optimally in 30-70% RH with a recommended temperature range of 68-73 (20-23), making it a reliable choice even in challenging conditions.



 2.  Your Lashing Speed



  When you are new to lashing, you may not be as quick as experienced lash artists who have been in the industry for years.


  When selecting a lash glue, it's important to take your lashing speed into account. As a beginner, it's better to opt for a lash adhesive with a longer drying time, such as 4-8 seconds, which will allow you to have more flexibility in correcting lash placement rather than focusing solely on fast drying time.


  As you gain more experience and become a lash expert (YAY!), you may want to consider a lash glue with a faster curing time, such as the 1-3 seconds range. This will allow you to work more quickly and efficiently.


  It's important to choose a lash glue that matches your lashing speed. To determine the right glue, time how long it takes you to dip a lash extension in glue, attach it to natural lashes, and make any necessary corrections.


  If you're a beginner lash artist and opt for a fast-drying lash glue, chances are it will dry before you can properly secure the extension. When the glue doesn't have sufficient time to wrap around the base of the natural lashes before setting, it can have a detrimental effect on the retention of your lash sets.


  Here at Lyon Lash, we have developed a range of lash adhesives suitable for lash artists of all skill levels, with drying times ranging from 0.5 seconds to 1-2 seconds. 


  The SPEEDMAX glue dries instantly, making it the perfect choice for experienced lash artists who want to create their sets quickly. On the other hand, the Extra Powerful glue cures in 1-2 seconds, providing more flexibility to adjust lash placement for a desired finish.



3.  Glue Fumes



  I believe that no one wants a lash glue with very strong fumes, it’s uncomfortable for you as the lash artist and for your clients as well.


  Clients with sensitive eyes may require eyelash extension glue with low fumes to avoid allergic reactions. It's important to use a latex-free lash glue for clients with allergies or sensitivities.


  Fortunately, all of our Lyon Lash eyelash extension glues are latex-free. For clients with sensitive eyes and allergies, our Super Sensitive glue is an ideal option as it contains the LOWEST possible amount of cyanoacrylate, ensuring minimal fumes while maintaining fast adhesion.


Remember that most lash extensions glues contain skin irritants, so you should always perform a patch test on new clients at least 48 hours before their lash appointment to ensure they do not suffer from allergic reactions to adhesives.


Sensitive adhesives may have shorter retention compared to stronger adhesives due to their hypoallergenic and gentle nature.


  It's important to note that adhesive with lower strength may not have as long retention as stronger adhesives due to their hypoallergenic nature. Generally, you can expect a bond time of 1.5 to 3 weeks on lashes, with an average of 2 weeks.


  The longevity of the bond also depends on the frequency of lash aftercare by the clients. Therefore, it's crucial to inform your clients about the expected retention time when using such adhesives.





Choosing the perfect lash extension glue can be a challenging task, but it is key to achieve a flawless lash set.


  Remember to set your room humidity and temperature to the ideal level for the best lash glue performance, and remember to take your lashing time into account when selecting the appropriate lash glue. Additionally, always have a sensitive lash extension glue on hand for clients with sensitivity, and manage their expectations accordingly.


By following these steps, you can create flawless lash sets every time! Keep an eye out for more eyelash extension tips and tricks!

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