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   Are Lash Extensions Safe During Pregnancy?

March 05, 2023 5 min read

   Are Lash Extensions Safe During Pregnancy?

  You've probably heard the saying "pregnancy is a beautiful thing," but when it comes to lash extensions, things may become a little problematic. After all, it's not every day that your hormones and self-care routine collide in a beauty corner. 


  On the one hand, you want to look great for those all-important maternity photoshoots, but you also want to make sure you're safe for both yourself and your little bundle of joy! 


  Don't worry, lash ladies: we've got all the information about using lash extensions while pregnant (or even in prep!) so you can make confident decisions. Let's get an eyeful of knowledge!




Can You Get Lash Extensions While Pregnant?


  This is one of the most frequently asked questions by clients, and there are myths that eyelash extensions are unsafe during pregnancy. In truth, neither the extension nor the adhesive are damaging to the fetus. As a result, using eyelash extensions while pregnant is both secure and achievable. 


  Numerous people suggest that pregnant women avoid obtaining lash extensions or lash lifts. There is a very simple explanation for this: there is always the probability of an allergic reaction.


  The ensuing reaction can be avoided in non-pregnant women with simple treatment. Yet, such medications are detrimental to the fetus in pregnant women.  Wearing lash extensions during pregnancy is generally considered safe, which is great news for expecting mothers who still want to feel beautiful and confident.


  However, it's important to take a few precautions to ensure that the experience is as comfortable and safe as possible. It is also recommended to consult a lash professional before getting lash extensions to ensure that it is safe for the individual's unique pregnancy.


  When providing lashing services to pregnant clients, it's important to take extra precautions to ensure their safety, comfort, and well-being during the appointment. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when working with expectant mothers:



 1. Potential Risk of Glue Allergy


  During pregnancy, women should avoid harsh chemicals, which is quite prevalent in the lash industry. Most lash glue contains formaldehyde, which is a toxic gas that’s used in many beauty products and embalming fluid formulas.


  However, since research has not yet been conducted on the effects of lash glue during pregnancy, some clients may prefer to avoid lash appointments until after their little one is born.


  Before the appointment, it's crucial to communicate the potential risks with pregnant clients. This is important not only to ensure their safety and the safety of their child, but also to protect your business reputation.


Pregnant clients may have limitations on the medications they can take to avoid potential harm to the fetus. If a client has a history of allergy-free lash extensions, it's likely safe to continue lash extensions during pregnancy.


  If the lash adhesive you use contains formaldehyde and your pregnant clients still want to proceed with their lash appointment, it's important to have a waiver form ready for them to sign. This form can help protect your business and ensure that your clients are fully informed about any potential risks involved.


  Using safe, non-toxic, and high-quality products is always the best option to protect your valuable clients, whether they are pregnant or not. All of the eyelash extension glues we offer here at Lyon Lash is petrochemical-free, latex-free, formaldehyde-free, and vegan-friendly, ensuring full safety and comfort of your clients during lash appointments.




2. Lying Down For Too Long


  While the typical lash extension position involves lying on the back, it may be uncomfortable or unsafe for pregnant clients. 


  If a client is in the early stages of pregnancy (under 20 weeks pregnant), lying on their back should be safe. However, for clients over 20 weeks pregnant, it is important to take steps to ensure their comfort and safety, and avoid putting their baby at risk. Here are some things you can do:


  • Adjust the lash bed to an incline to avoid the client lying completely flat on their back.
  • Have the client lie on their side with their head straight to reduce pressure on their abdomen.


  • Provide a pillow for the client to place between their legs or under their belly for support and comfort.


  • Allow for a few breaks during the application process for the client to stand up and move around the room.




3. Build In More Break Time


  To ensure the comfort of your pregnant client, it's recommended to provide additional breaks during the appointment, as lying on their side or back for an extended period may become uncomfortable.


  It’s important to avoid having pregnant clients lying down for the entire lash extension which will take approximately two hours or more, as it may cause discomfort and even potential harm to them.


  Instead, consider taking small breaks after lashing one eye, allowing them to sit up and stretch for a few minutes before continuing with the other eye.


  Due to the discomfort and potential risks associated with lying down for long periods of time, pregnant clients may need to switch positions frequently during the lash extension application.


  Additionally, it's important to schedule extra time to allow for bathroom breaks since pregnant women may need to use the restroom more frequently, especially later in their pregnancy.


It's important to factor in break time when scheduling appointments to avoid running over and causing stress for both yourself and other clients.




4. Managing Client’s Expectations During Pregnancy


  During pregnancy, hormonal changes can affect hair growth and hair loss, potentially causing lashes to grow faster and shed more frequently. As a result, pregnant clients may experience reduced retention of their lash extensions.


  Consider educating your clients about potential retention issues before the appointment to manage their expectations and avoid surprises with their results.


  It's important to inform your pregnant clients that due to their lashes growing faster, their extensions may become too long and fall off more quickly than usual. Therefore, it's recommended that they schedule more frequent fills during their pregnancy.


  If your client has recently given birth or is about to, it's important to educate them about potential hair loss and how it may impact the retention of their lash extensions. It's recommended to prepare for more frequent fills during this period.


  Remember every woman experiences pregnancy differently, you can educate your clients about lash growth and loss ahead of time to manage their expectations, regardless how pregnancy affects them.

  It's better to manage their expectations beforehand rather than surprising them with unexpected results.






  Lash extensions can be a safe and great way for expecting mothers to look and feel their best. With the proper precautions, lashing a pregnant client can be done with minimal risk. We have shared helpful tips to make the process comfortable and manage client expectations for optimal results.


  It's important to not only prioritize safety when lashing pregnant clients but also create a positive and exciting atmosphere for them. Show your clients that they are in good hands and help them enjoy every moment of their journey with you.


  If you're looking for more advice on how to safely and comfortably lash your pregnant clients, don't worry - we've got you covered! Keep an eye out for future tips and tricks to help you provide the best lash extension experience for your expecting clients.


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