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One-Stop Guide to Lash Extension Removal

September 29, 2021 3 min read

One-Stop Guide to Lash Extension Removal

If you’re here looking for ways to remove your lash extensions, there’s only one way: go to your lash artist!

Removing your own lash extensions by yourself can damage your natural eyelashes – and no one wants that. Always opt for the professional and safe lash extension removal. 




As a professional lash artist, you need two main skills to perfect: lash application and lash removal. You can’t just do one without mastering the other! Learning how to safely remove your client’s lash extensions is essential.

I mean, what happens if a new client shows up wanting to remove her badly applied lash extensions, and you can’t do it? As a professional lash artist, that would just be embarrassing.  


Things You’ll Need to Successfully Remove Lash Extensions: 


  1. Tweezers 
  2. Cream Remover 
  3. Gel Remover 


Different Techniques to Perform a Lash Extension Removal: 

1. Banana Peel  

First, no, it’s not the fruit! Before you begin this procedure, please make sure that eye pads are placed on your client’s eye and covering the bottom lashes as well. Place the eye pads from corner to corner. Once they are secured, you can begin with removing the lash extensions.  

Use your handy tweezer to locate the lash extension that you would like to remove, and similar to what you would do to a banana, carefully and simultaneously peel the lash extension away from the natural lashes and towards the eyelid until it is completely removed.

Make sure that while you are removing the lash extension, you focus on the natural eyelashes so you don’t tug too hard! 

2. Lash Removers 

Using lash removers work well in lash extension removal! When choosing which lash remover to purchase or use in your lash studio, one should make sure to get hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and safe ones!

Not only will this keep your skin and natural eyelashes safe, but its application will not cause any harm to your eyes if properly applied by a professional lash artist.

Before beginning to remove the lash extensions, make sure that the lower lid is secured with an eye pad. Afterwards, you can apply the lash remover generously without touching the skin.

You have to wait for around 2-3 minutes for the adhesive to dissolve complete. Remember to look at natural lashes when removing the lash extensions! 


How to choose eyelash extension remover? 

There are two common types of lash removers available in the market. When choosing what to buy, make sure that you’re aware of the differences to make your lash removal experience as smooth and easy as possible!  

1. Cream Remover 

This type of remover generally has a thicker consistency which easily makes this product feel luxurious even on first use. Its consistency makes it easy to use for removing a large number of lash extensions.

The same feature allows this product to be an easy-to-use, and a more sanitary option because you won’t have to worry about the product seeping into your client’s eyes or skin!

Cream removers are the safest as well as the simplest way to dissolve lash adhesives. 

 2. Gel Removers 

While cream removers work well with removing many lashes, this type of product has a thinner consistency which makes it ideal for removing one or two lashes at a time.

This product was designed to be used for small areas, and professional lash artists can easily separate lashes with tweezers so they are able to reach certain target areas with this gel remover.

If you’re dealing with a client who has a few lash extensions left, this type of product will make for an efficient and quick lash removal! 

Don’t forget that these products are only as safe when applied properly by an experienced and trained lash professional! Help yourself avoid any irritation or allergic reaction by booking a proper lash extension removal.

When in the studio, ask your artist what product they use! Make sure they are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic! The best lash experience is the safest one you can get. 

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