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Why Should You Always Brush Your Eyelash Extensions?

November 06, 2022 4 min read

Why Should You Always Brush Your Eyelash Extensions?


  If you're one of those people that cannot leave the house without lashes, then you might want to start brushing your extensions. Believe it or not, not brushing your lashes can lead to a lot of build-ups and eventually, lash loss.

  So if you want your lash extensions to last as long as possible, be sure to brush them every day! Here are a few tips on how to do it properly.

  This blog will tell you all the information you need to know about brushing your eyelashes, including the correct methods and precautions to follow for the best performance of your lashes!

Reasons why you should brush your lashes? 

Improve Lash Health

  In daily life, dirt like oil, makeup residues, and even dust in the air can clump up on your eyelashes easily. If you don’t remove these clumped impurities everyday, bacteria can reproduce easily leading to a high risk of eye diseases.

  If you want to keep your eyes and lashes healthy, cleaning your lashes and hair roots thoroughly with eyelash shampoo and brush are essential routines to avoid dirt clumping. 


Avoiding Tangling Lashes

  Since eyelash extensions are longer than natural lashes, they tend to get tangled pretty easily. As time passes, eyelashes with different growth cycles also grow at different speeds and shed at different times.

  You should always look after your eyelashes to prevent them from tangling and ruining how your eyes’ glamorous look. To avoid this, it's advised that you carry a brush to comb your tangled eyelashes.


Longer Eyelash Retention

  It is also important to maintain your beautifully extended lashes for a long time after you invest your hard-earned money into them. It is more crucial than ever to brush your lashes if you want to maximize their longevity.

  Eyelash extensions are more likely to become damaged if they are tangled or clumped. Damaged eyelashes will reduce extension retention. You may unconsciously touch your lash extensions often if you feel uncomfortable with them, which can affect their adhesion and hence reduce their retention.

  So if you want your lash extensions to be more durable, then brushing your lashes is a must!


The most commonly asked questions about brushing lash extensions

  You may be wondering how you should take care of your lash extensions after getting them done. Brushing is one of the steps you can take to keep your lashes in good condition. So, in this blog, we attempted to answer all of your questions! There are also some more questions you may have in mind: 


Q: When should I begin brushing my eyelash extensions?

A:   Brushing frequently during or immediately after lash extension application is not recommended. The glue initially undergoes rapid fixation, and complete curing takes between 12 and 24 hours, depending on the amount of glue used. As a result, frequent shocks while it is not fully cured can reduce the retention of eyelash extensions.

   Brushing your lashes daily will help you keep your eyelash extensions in good condition and prevent crisscrossing. Your eyelashes get messy, especially after showering or washing your face, so you should brush them gently when they get messy. Brushing only takes a few seconds, this will help them stay put and look tidy.


Q: How frequently should you brush your lashes?

A:   It's difficult to say how often you should brush your lashes. If at all possible, carry a brush with you and comb it whenever the extensions become tangled. If that's too much trouble and you can't afford it, you should at least brush your lashes after washing your face in the morning and evening.


Q: How to brush your lash extensions after taking a shower or washing your face?

A:  Dabbing your eyes with a towel may cause the delicate lash extensions to fall out. It is suggested that you dab the area above and below your eyes. Brush your lashes gently downwards from the top and upwards with a lash wand to keep them fluffier.


Q: Should you brush your wet eyelash extensions?

A:   When your eyelashes are twisted, don't wait for them to dry. Brush them neatly and set them aside to dry. This is because if the false lashes dry while still twisted, the twisting worsens and the retention of the eyelash extension decreases.


Q: Can you put on makeup after getting eyelash extensions?

 A:   This is a commonly asked question, and the answer is yes. As long as you choose the correct products, it would not have any negative effect on your lashes. Be sure to brush your lash extensions after applying makeup to remove any leftover cosmetic residue.

  Also, using a coating sealant after makeup will give your lashes a neat appearance while also firmly fixing your lashes and extensions, which can also improve retention. Brushing your lashes with a clean mascara brush after applying the coating sealant can prevent lashes from clumping together, especially for volume extension.


Q: How to brush your eyelash extensions?

 A:  There are 3 simple steps to brushing your lash extensions.

Step 1.   Make sure the brush or wand is clean before using. You should clean your tools regularly to avoid bacteria transfer to your eyes.

Step 2.  Brush your lashes evenly from base to end with your eyes closed.

Step 3.  Open your eyes and brush your lashes again to organize the design from the base to the end.


Tools for combing eyelashes:


Mascara Wand: It can lengthen and define shorter lashes, as well as reduce clumping and over-saturation to prevent lashes from drooping.

Comb Brush:Its metal teeth can lift and separate your eyelashes as well as scrape off extra mascara, preventing that mascara from dripping.

Silicon Mascara Wand:The sole difference between this silicone mascara wand and a regular mascara wand is the material, which is easier to clean and less conducive to bacterial growth.


If you can keep up this beauty regimen, you will quickly see a change in the length and health of your eyelashes.

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