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Why Is Using Lash Primer Important?

February 20, 2023 5 min read

Why Is Using Lash Primer Important?


  If you're a lash artist who wants to take their craft to the next level, it's time to consider adding lash primer to your toolkit. Lash primer sets the foundation for great lashes and is essential for perfecting stunning eye looks.


 In this blog post, we'll dive into the basics of lash primer, explore its benefits, and provide tips for choosing a high-quality product. We'll also cover how to apply lash primer for the best results and answer common questions about this must-have lash extension accessory.


  Investing in a quality lash primer will help you elevate your lash game and achieve flawless, long-lasting lash looks for your clients. Don't miss out on this essential step in the lash extension process!



     What is Lash Primer?


  Lash primer is a game-changer for any lash artist who wants to enhance the look and longevity of their lash extensions. It's a pre-treatment that removes any oil, protein, and dirt from the natural lashes to create a perfect surface for adhesive to attach to.


  But wait, there's more! Lash primer does more than just remove impurities. It also helps to balance the pH of the lash, creating an optimal environment for the extension to adhere to the natural lash. By using a lash primer, you can ensure that your client's extensions stay in place longer, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.


  However, it's important to note that lash primer isn't a magical solution that can entirely remove makeup residue or oil on natural lashes. If a client is wearing full makeup, it's best to give them a lash bath to thoroughly cleanse their lashes before priming.


  Additionally, priming your client's lashes can eliminate excess oils, which allows lash extensions to attach more easily. The result? A flawless, natural-looking lash extension application that your clients will love.


  So, if you want to take your lash game to the next level, don't skip the primer! Invest in a high-quality lash primer and see the difference it can make in the look and retention of your lash extensions.



When and How to Use the Lash Primer?


  Eyelash extension primer should be used after a lash bath, and it is a crucial step before the extension application. It eliminates residues and oil buildup on natural lashes, which prepares natural lashes to hold lash extensions better. 


  Lyon Lash Natural Primer is made of a gentle, lightweight and effective formula that prep, cleanse and nourish your clients' lashes perfectly before the eyelash extension application. 


  Daily oil and protein buildup on natural lashes can occur regardless of whether your clients wear eye makeup or not. That's why it's important to clean and prep their natural lashes before attaching lash extensions. The good news is that lash primer is a gentle solution that typically won't cause irritation when applied to natural lashes or skin.


  First, it's important to use a gentle and oil-free lash cleansing foam to clean up any dirt and makeup residue on your client's lashes. Once you've finished cleansing the lashes, be sure to place eye gel pads on your client's under-eye areas to protect their skin.


  After you've completed the cleansing process, you can apply a pump of primer to the glue ring or any cap as a container to soak the micro brushes. Using a brush, you can then spread the primer over the natural lashes for 5-10 seconds. 


  Remember to use a new brush for each eye to avoid transferring any residue or oil. Additionally, be sure to spread the primer on top and underneath the lash line since oil can accumulate in both areas. Finally, make sure the primer is completely dry before attaching the eyelash extensions.


  To achieve optimal results, it is important to apply the lash primer properly. This involves spreading it from one corner to the next, starting at the root and working your way up without stopping, as dirt and oil may accumulate at the base. It is also advisable to switch back and forth a few times.


  After applying the primer, you should allow it to dry completely on the client's lashes before attaching the eyelash extensions to ensure a secure and long-lasting hold.




What to Watch Out for When Using a Lash Primer?



  Priming lashes is important for getting longer retention and faster application. However, it's important to note that lash primer is NOT always necessary for every client. Improper use of primer can lead to poor retention and damage to the natural lashes.


  Therefore, it's essential to determine whether or not a client needs a primer before application.If a client has dehydrated skin, applying lash primer to their lashes can cause further dryness, which may prevent the adhesive from properly adhering to the lashes.


  On the other hand, a lash primer is necessary for clients with oily skin and oily lashes as it helps to remove excess oil and protein buildup, which can negatively impact retention. Therefore, it's crucial to assess each client's individual needs to determine whether or not to use a lash primer.


  Lash primer is only suitable for clients who have oily skin, oily lashes, or an imbalanced pH. When using primer, it's important to let it dry completely before applying lash extensions to avoid shock polymerization, which can cause the adhesive to cure too quickly and result in poor retention.






What are the Key Benefits of Using Lash Primer?



Faster Attachment


  Using lash primer can save time during application, resulting in faster client turnover. The primer dissolves residual oils and optimizes the natural pH of lashes to promote strong bonding between natural and extension lashes.


  As a lash artist, being able to apply extensions quickly and achieving a secure attachment is hitting jackpot for both you and your clients. This can lead to increased client satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately resulting in more return clients and business growth.


Longer Retention


  Using a lash primer before applying lash extensions can effectively remove traces of body oils, makeup residue, protein, and dirt, creating a perfect surface for better hold. This increases the chances of a successful and long-lasting set.


  Moreover, if a client uses heavy moisturizers around the eye area, lash primer can ensure maximum removal of any oils or skincare that may prohibit fast attachment and strong adhesion. Therefore, the primer promotes a stronger bond, contributing to longer extensions wear and helping to prevent early fallout, ultimately increasing the eyelash extension adhesive power.







 Now that you know what a lash primer is, how to use it, and its benefits for lash extension applications, keep in mind that using lash primer alone may not completely remove all residues and oils on natural lashes, especially if the client has full makeup on.


  To ensure a clean surface for attachment, make sure to use a lash bath before applying primer. Additionally, it's helpful to ask clients to come to their appointment without wearing makeup, which can make it easier for you to create a perfect set on perfectly clean natural lashes.


  Hope you find this blog post useful, wish you all the best on your lash journey! Stay tuned for more ;)

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