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Summer Tips For Eyelash Extensions

February 23, 2023 5 min read

Summer Tips For Eyelash Extensions

  Get ready for the summer rush! As a lash extension artist, you'll want to ensure your clients are equipped with the best tips to keep their lashes looking fabulous during the hot summer months. From the latest beauty trends to expert advice, we've got you covered.


  Whether it's sizzling hot or humid outside, your clients will be able to enjoy their lash extensions without any worries. So, let's dive in and get your clients ready for the ultimate summer lash experience. Don't forget your sunscreen and let's make this summer unforgettable for your clients!



Why Do Your Lash Extensions

Don’t Last Well In Summer?



  During the summer months, you may notice an increase in lash shedding and decreased retention. While this isn't true for everyone, it's often due to factors such as your lifestyle, skin type, and hair type. The rise in temperature during the summer can also cause hair growth to accelerate, including your lashes.


  In summer, the increase in body temperature can cause more lash hairs to enter the telogen phase, resulting in a pause in growth and the termination of the lash lifecycle. As a result, any lashes in the telogen phase during summer are expected to shed over the next few months as autumn approaches.


  Intense heat during summer causes us to sweat more, leading to an accumulation of sweat, sebum, and makeup debris in the lash line follicles. This buildup can clog pores and suffocate natural lashes.


  Blocked pores can slow down the growth of lashes in the anagen phase and lead to premature shedding, resulting in severe lash loss in autumn.




 Ways to Look After EyelashExtensions In Summer:




Shorter Lash Extensions 

  In the summer, our skin produces more oil, which can make our eyelids feel more humid and cause eyelash extensions to not last as long. This means you may need to get infills more frequently than during the drier winter months when lashes grow slower and there's less oil on your skin.


  To combat the shorter retention of lash extensions during the summer months, you can suggest your clients to opt for slightly shorter extensions. This can help prevent excessive messiness when they grow out.


  Additionally, it's important to advise your clients to keep their lashes and eyelids clean to avoid buildup of sweat or dirt. By maintaining proper hygiene, clients can help extend the life of their extensions and ensure they look their best throughout the season.




Keep Lashes Dry

  After lash application, it's crucial to remind clients to keep their lashes dry for at least 24 hours. This means avoiding exposure to extreme heat, sweat, and steam.


  Clients should also avoid shampoos and oily face creams that could affect the retention of their new extensions. Remind them to resist touching and manipulating their lashes as well, as this can compromise the bond and cause shedding.




Keep Oils Away 

  You should make sure your clients avoid any oil-based products, particularly before an infill appointment, as it can interfere with the bonding process.


  Although micellar water is a popular makeup remover, some actually do contain oils that can cause problems. Therefore, it's recommended to advise clients to avoid using micellar water on their lash extensions.


  Remind your clients to use makeup remover that is free of oil and to avoid waterproof and gel eyeliners. These can be sticky and the oils in them will eventually break down the adhesive bond of their lash extensions.


  Using mascara on volume lashes can cause them to clump and lose their fluffy, full appearance, so it's best to avoid it altogether. Encourage your clients to opt for lightweight, oil-free makeup products to keep their lash extensions looking their best.



Use Oil-free Sunscreen

  When applying sunscreen, it's essential to use an oil-free one to prevent it from getting in between your lashes and causing them to stick together. Avoid using sunscreen sprays on your face, as they can also create this problem. Encourage your clients to use an oil-free sunscreen and remind them to avoid contact with their lashes.




Keep Lashes Clean



  Maintaining clean lashes should be an integral part of daily routine, especially during hotter months when our skin produces more oil. As eyelids are among the oiliest parts of our body, it is essential to clean the lashes regularly to remove the buildup of skin oils.


  To effectively remove eye and eyelid makeup without weakening lash extension bonds, we recommend using Lyon Lash’s lash shampoo which is gentle and lightweight for your eyes. It is also made using an oil-free formula.


  When removing makeup, it's important to be gentle and avoid any harsh rubbing or tugging. Dip a cotton swab in makeup remover and carefully work eyeliner off in a gentle, outward motion away from the lashes.


  After removing makeup, use a mild lash shampoo to give your lashes a gentle cleanse. Avoid using makeup wipes or cotton pads, as they can snag on the lashes and are not suitable for use around lash extensions.



Avoid Using Strip Lashes

  You should NEVER use strip lashes while having your lash extension on. The glue residue from the strip lashes can get stuck in between the lash extensions, which is basically impossible to remove without pulling off the extensions.


  Consider suggesting hybrid or volume lash extensions to your clients if they want a fuller look, instead of adding strip lashes on top of classic extensions. Hybrid or volume extensions can achieve a more voluminous look while maintaining the integrity of the design, as opposed to strip lashes which can damage the extensions and make them difficult to remove.




  It's crucial to prioritize eye area hygiene and take proper care of eyelash extensions in the hotter months. By following the advice mentioned above, your clients can ensure they are well-prepared for when the temperature rises!


  Remind your clients about the importance of daily lash hygiene and the need to avoid using products that contain oil-based ingredients. It's also crucial to educate them on the potential harm of using strip lashes while wearing extensions, and guide them towards healthier choices.


  Are there any other tips we have up our sleeve? Who knows? But maybe, this is just the tip of the iceberg! So, if you want more top-notch advice on eyelash extensions maintenance – stay tuned!

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