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Why You Should Avoid Cluster Lashes?

December 01, 2022 5 min read

Why You Should Avoid Cluster Lashes?

 As a lash artist, I believe that you’ve seen people using cluster lashes rather than applying lash extensions treatment. Your clients may also ask questions about cluster lashes, but do you know exactly what cluster lashes are and why is it a bad idea to put them on people's eyes? 


 Keep reading this blog to learn about the difference between cluster lashes and volume extensions, and find out why cluster eyelashes can be harmful !



 What are Cluster Lashes?

  Cluster lashes (flares) are disposable false lashes that are generally sold in packs at beauty supply stores. They originated from cutting off the strip lash. They are fans of lashes that are attached to the eyelids rather than to natural eyelashes. Cluster lashes are applied with water-soluble adhesive, the application time is quick and it usually can last for a day. 


 Its’ convenience and instant effect have received a lot of love. It was popular several years ago, but now it has been surpassed by much safer alternatives like individual eyelash extensions. 


Why Cluster Lashes are Bad?


 Although cluster lashes can be cheap and convenient, it poses a potential risk to your eyelashes’ health. No matter putting it on or removing it, it causes certain damage to your lashes. Below are some downsides of cluster lashes that you should know and inform your clients.


1. Too Heavy 


 Cluster lashes are much thicker and heavier than volume lashes. Typically, cluster lashes are 5 to 10 relatively thick extensions of 0.15mm diameter tied together at the base. If you put on 10 flares on your eyes, there would be about 100 strands of extensions attached to your natural lashes, which is definitely a burden to your lashes.


 The fan-shaped flares simply adhere onto the surface of 2-3 (or more) natural lashes at once, causing so much weight on your natural lashes. Besides, cluster lashes are bunched together, they are applied to multiple lashes at once and thus need more glue. 


 Not only applying these heavy clusters will put so much strain on your natural lashes, but it also leads to lash fall. Due to its’ heavyweight and way of attachment, your natural lashes might be pulled out when the cluster falls off. It’ll cause thinning and bald spots over time. 



2. Harmful to Natural Lashes


 Clusters are glued on several strands of natural lashes; if you keep wearing flares for a long time, they’ll interfere with the growth cycle of lashes.


 The bottom of the cluster lashes fan is wide, so it’s very difficult to adhere to one strand of natural lashes. Cluster lashes can only attach to multiple strands of eyelashes, but they’ll prevent the natural growth of your eyelashes and cause lash loss over time, interfering with the growth cycle of natural lashes.


   As cluster lashes are relatively heavier and use a lot of glue, your natural lashes will suffer from strain and they might fall off or be pulled out with the clusters when removing them. If flares are used too often, there is a potential risk of suffering permanent lash loss.


 Due to the weight of the cluster fan, damage to your natural lashes is inevitable no matter what technique one uses. If you wear these flares continuously for a few months, you’ll find your natural lashes become thinner or even bald!


 Besides, cluster lashes also increase the risk of infection, the large amount of glue and the heavy weight can create matted lashes. It’ll hinder normal shedding, and affect the natural growth of new eyelashes, leading to ingrown lashes, styles, and more.


  Nevertheless, some non-professional lash stylists or normal flares wearers might attach clusters with eyelash extension adhesive, which is a big no-no! Eyelash extension glue can last for a month, if attaching the cluster lashes with such glues, it can interfere with lash growth, cause eyelash loss, and even traction hair loss.



3. Very Temporary


 Unlike individual eyelash extensions, cluster lashes are not made to last long. They should not be worn for more than 24 hours. Although some people may wear them for longer, flares usually won’t last longer than a week. If you sleep with the clutters on your eyes, it’ll undoubtedly worsen the health of your eyelids and natural lashes.

 Therefore, no matter wearing it or removing it, cluster lashes will cause damage to your lashes. If you want to apply flares, you should remove them after wearing them for a day and not reuse them.



 Alternative to Cluster Lashes


 There is a clear answer of the best alternative to cluster lashes — Individual lashes. Cluster lashes not only last for a short period of time but are also harmful to your natural lashes. While individual lashes perform significantly better in all aspects. 


   Volume lashes and cluster lashes are both multiple lashes attached together to form a fan. However, volume fans are lighter, safer and can last for a long time. 


  Typically, cluster lashes are 5 to 10 relatively thick extensions of 0.15mm diameter tied together at the base. Meanwhile, a volume fan only uses 2-5 individual lash extensions with 0.05 to 0.07mm diameter, or even uses 6 to 16 extensions with 0.03 to 0.05mm diameter to create mega volume. It means cluster lashes are much thicker and heavier than volume lashes. 


 Also, the individual lash extensions are for both classic lashes and volume lashes. These two lashes have a much stronger and longer bond time compared to cluster lashes. 


When attaching a volume fan, it’ll surround the natural lash so that it can have a higher surface bonding area, unlike cluster lashes which can only be glued on a small surface. 


 Besides, disposable cluster lashes are mainly made of PET while individual lash extensions are made of durable PBT which are more durable, flexible and can last for a month after attachment.


 Cluster lashes are primarily designed to glue onto the skin (eyelids), so the fan base is blunt or has a large surface area. The shape of a cluster lash is more likely to be blunt and not sleek too. 


 However, individual lash extensions are all tapered similar to natural lashes. The bristles of such extensions become thinner towards the end. Volume lashes can adhere to one single strand of natural lashes ,and their fan base is sleeker than cluster lashes. Individual lash extensions are undoubtedly the best alternative to flares.


 To conclude, applying cluster lashes is a short-term solution that is not supposed to last for longer than a day and it poses so much harm to your natural lashes. If you wear it for a long time, it'll put too much strain on your natural lashes or even cause significant lash loss and infection. In order to maintain the hair health, eyelash extension treatment would be the most desirable way.  

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