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5 Common Mistakes Beginner Lash Artists Make

December 08, 2022 4 min read

5 Common Mistakes Beginner Lash Artists Make

  You must be excited and full of enthusiasm after successfully completing a lash certificate course. However, after dealing with a few "real" clients, you'll undoubtedly discover a slew of issues that you don't know how to address. 


  It's easy to make blunders when you're new to lash artistry. Even expert lash artists make foolish mistakes from time to time! Here are the five most prevalent ones to avoid if you want to be successful! 


  This blog has compiled a list of the top 5 mistakes that new lash artists make, as well as advice on how to avoid them. Continue reading to learn how to improve your lashing skills by focusing on minor details!



  1. Improper placement of eyepatch

 Placing eye patches appears to be a simple process, but if done incorrectly, your client will feel quite uncomfortable. If the eye pads are not properly placed, they will lift the inner corner lashes, resulting in an inaccurate distance and messy look when your customers open their eyes. 



 The eyepatch should never come into contact with the waterline. If this occurs, it may result in chemical burns or even bruises on the client's eyes. 


 If the eye pads are placed too close to the eye, they will scratch the eyeballs and cause bloodshot eyes. To avoid this, apply the patches at least 1-2 millimeters below the bottom waterline (the skin line between the eyelashes and the eye).


 You should always start the placement from the inner corners and work your way outwards; this will provide you better control and prevent your clients from feeling discomfort. You should also make sure that the bottom lashes are thoroughly covered. 


 If the patches do not fit your client's face shape and air pockets form between the skin and the patch, you can trim the bottom portion of the patch before applying it to the client's face.


 It is crucial to choose the right under-eye pads for your client's eye shape. Choose eye pads that will not slip away and can retain the bottom lashes securely. Too many additional components in eye patches are not encouraged because they may cause inflammation.


 Using high quality eye patches is important in lash extensions treatment. Lyon Lash Under Eye Gel Pads are lint free and latex free with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Extract that can stay in place firmly while moisturizing your client’s under eye areas. 



 2. Using excessive or insufficient adhesive

 If the amount of extension adhesive you apply is inaccurate, the retention of your client's lashes will suffer. To begin, dipping the lash in glue will only leave a thin layer of adhesive on the extension, which will dry before it is bonded to the normal lash. 



 Furthermore, additional glue will result in a ball of adhesive on the extensions rather than longer retention. To acquire the right amount, dip the extension into the center of the glue dot and carefully slide it out to form a tiny coating 2mm from the bottom of the lash extensions.


 If you get too much glue on your extension, don't wipe it off with a palette or gel pad; instead, dip it into the center of the glue dot and slowly slide it out. This approach can be adjusted to the appropriate amount of adhesive.



 3. Taking too long to create the "perfect lash" 

 As a novice lash artist, you may find yourself spending a lot of time isolating lashes and striving for the perfect lash. We all have the strong desire to create flawless natural lashes. However, your ultimate goal should be to add an extension to every single natural lash, regardless if it’s perfect or not.



 If you find it difficult to isolate lashes horizontally, try working them vertically first. When a short natural lash interferes with your seclusion and annoys you, you can affix a 0.07mm thin extension to it to make it more apparent and manageable. 


 This procedure will quickly get it out of your way, and isolating the lashes will become much easier as you can see and set aside the short lashes.



 4. Inappropriate distance from the lid

 Getting the precise distance from the lid is tricky and requires a lot of practice. The most common error made by beginner lash artists is either too close or too far from the lid. 


 If the lash is too close to the eyelid, it will cause discomfort and even pain since the lash and glue may irritate their skin. However, gluing the extension too far from the lid will be too heavy for the normal lash's root and may cause the extension to twist.


 The lash extension should be put 0.5mm away from the skin along the lash line. You should also ensure that there is at least a 2 mm boundary region of the extension's base entirely linked to the natural lash, regardless of the curl, length, or direction of the extension. 



 5. Brushing excessively and frequently 

 Although combing lashes on a regular basis is beneficial for preserving fan form and lash health, there are instances when we must refrain from brushing. 


New lash technicians frequently waste time combing lashes excessively. If you're nervous about the design, write down the lash mapping, including the curls and lengths, on the under-eye pads before application rather than combing the lashes.



 We hope you enjoyed this blog post! As a newbie lash artist, you should be aware of the most common lash artist mistakes and learn how to avoid them. 


  Everyone has the potential to achieve perfection, but it takes time and dedication to reach for the stars. You can focus on developing your skills and becoming a pro at lashing if you follow the advice in this guide. Always remember that practice makes perfect!

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