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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Lash Extensions

November 10, 2022 4 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Lash Extensions


  Are you a lash artist who is looking for some tips on how to help your customers keep their lash extensions clean? If so, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will be sharing some of our top cleaning tips for lash extensions.


   As a lash stylist, you probably know the importance of cleaning lashes daily and the correct ways to do so. However, you should also make sure your clients know how to take care of their beautiful and fluffy lash extensions after undergoing the treatments.


  If you can teach your clients how to clean and take care of their lashes properly, or even provide the necessary tools for them, you will surely gain loyal clients for your business! Keep reading to learn more daily maintenance tips to share with your clients!



Use Mild Cleanser



  Using lash extension cleaning soap with mild formula and natural ingredients can remove excess oil, cosmetic residues or other impurities on the lashes without irritating your eyes or weakening the adhesive bond.


  Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo adopted a sensitive formula, it’s gentle and oil-free that can deep clean your eyelashes without weakening the bond, a perfect option for cleansing lash extensions.


  Remember to clean your lashes with a lash brush, it helps cleaning your extension more gently and thoroughly. 


  Telling your clients to use oil-free and gentle lash extension cleansers and lash brushes is important, these tools can give a gentle bath to their lashes and increase the lashes’ longevity.



Brush The Lashes



   Apart from using a mild cleanser, using a mascara wand to brush your extensions daily is also an important point to maintaining healthy lashes. Brushing lashes can remove debris and build-up on the lashes, it also keeps the lashes in place and prevents lash clumping or straggling.


   If you don’t brush your lashes every day, oil, dirt, and makeup residues might build up on your lashes which might shorten the life of your extensions. Bacteria will reproduce on the eye area if you don't clean it regularly, which might lead to potential eye diseases.


  Therefore, brushing your lashes is an important daily routine to maintain a better condition for your lashes.



Avoid Oil 

  You must tell your clients to avoid using any makeup removers that contain oil. Oil will break down the glue. If your clients use products that contain oils, it would drastically shorten the lash extensions’s longevity, or even detach them immediately from their natural lashes as it weakens the adhesive bond.


  Oil can be found in many products, such as mascaras, primer and makeup removers. You must tell your clients to check the ingredients of every product carefully before use.



Less Eye Makeup

  Although makeup seems to be a daily essential for many girls, makeup residue gets easily caught between lashes and it can be difficult to clean off thoroughly. The debris will build up on your lashes, and it might lead to a premature lash loss or even eye diseases due to bacteria reproduction. 


 You may suggest your clients hold back on the eye makeup or put a lighter make up on their eyes. If you put less cosmetics on the eye area, you can scrub and rub your lashes less intensely while cleaning them. The more you mess with the extensions, the more likely you remove your lashes accidentally.


  You may tell your clients to use a lash brush to reset their lash extensions to get a fresh look instead of using mascara too often. If your clients really want to put on heavy eye makeup, they should choose strictly water-based products and oil-free eyeliners.


Avoid Using Cotton Pads



    Some people might use cotton pads with makeup remover to clean off their makeup. However, using cotton pads to wipe off cosmetics on lashes might lead to lash loss. If you use cotton pads or swabs around or on your lash extensions, they might snag and rip out your extensions as well as your natural lashes.


  Therefore, the best and most gentle way is to dab with a tissue to remove the residues after brushing through with the makeup remover. You should repeat this step gently until all makeup on your lash extensions is gone.


Step-by-step: How to clean eyelash extensions


  *If it’s the first time you apply your false lashes, you should follow the aftercare instruction to wait for 48 hours before cleaning them as your lashes need time to cure and become waterproof. *


  It’s imperative to clean your lashes daily to maintain your eye health, here are the steps to clean your lash extensions properly:


Step1. Wet your lashes with warm water.

Step2. Remove your eye makeup. Use a mild, oil-free and alcohol-free  makeup remover or foaming cleanser to gently remove your eye makeup, such as the mascara and eyeshadow from your lashes.

Step3. Use a lash shampoo.Wet your lashes before applying lash extension shampoo. After applying lash shampoo, brush the shampoo against the eyelashes with a small cleansing brush, and run the bristles back and forth along the lash line to remove makeup residue and dirt.

Step4. Rinse the shampoo.Rinse your lash extension shampoo off with  warm water.

Step5. Dry your lashes.Use a dry hand towel or paper towel to pat dry your lashes. 

Step6. Comb your lashes.Brush out your lash extensions with a clean spoolie brush or mascara wand to fluff them out.



   Now that you know how to clean lash extensions, it’s time to teach your clients! Tell them to clean their lashes daily with a mild and oil-free lash cleanser and follow the correct steps to clean the lashes properly. These will help keep their extensions looking fresh and new for longer.


  If you are looking for more loyal customers, teaching your clients how to clean their lashes and other aftercare knowledge is imperative. It can project a professional and reliable image to your customers. We hope you found this blog post helpful!

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